Queen Nzinga the Unconquerable — Part 1 of 2

There have been many giants in the history of African people. But what else would you expect from God’s chosen people? In his extraordinary book The Destruction of Black Civilization, Chancellor Williams touches on the life of one of Africa’s greatest champions. Her name was Nzinga.

In 1488, when the Portuguese arrived at the mouth of the Congo River in central-west Africa, they had dreams of creating a great empire that would stretch across Africa and India.

When the Portuguese encountered the kingdom of Kongo, they were surprised at the level of sophistication of its administrative and political structure. The Kongo’s economic system of agriculture and handicraft industries were organized into guilds, and its trade with neighboring states made it a prosperous nation. Kongo traded with nations to its east, west and north. The states to the south of Kongo, which would later become Angola, were troubled by the influx of Portuguese immigrants settling on the coast, nearby islands, and now moving up the river toward the interior.

These settler population centers allowed the Portuguese to establish strongholds on the Angolan northern border, the seacoast, the off-shore islands, and inside the Kongo kingdom itself. They did not come with guns blazing, or they would have been speedily ejected from the continent. Instead, they came with smiling faces and the extended hand of friendship. Always careful to observe the rules of diplomacy, the Portuguese masked their true intentions behind promises of spiritual and material wealth for the people of Kongo. They painted a picture of their monarch and nation as the greatest in the world, made so by a religion that allowed them to reach the pinnacle of civilization. The Portuguese went on to explain how the Supreme Pontiff would welcome them into the Christian fold, and would even send missionaries to help make Kongo the greatest kingdom in Africa.

Using similar tactics, the Portuguese aggressively pursued a policy of divide and conquer. They kept the Blacks fighting among themselves by forming alliances with various opposing chiefs throughout the country. They would then have the chiefs supply them with captives for the slave market. To obtain their human booty, neighboring chiefs had to launch raids into each other’s territory. These shortsighted fools provided the Portuguese with these captives in exchange for weapons and trinkets. As an added incentive, African chiefs knew that failure to meet their slave quota meant that they themselves would be sold into slavery.

The Portuguese stepped up this process in 1608 by demanding more slaves from provincial chiefs. To meet this demand, chiefs asked for more arms and raided neighboring chiefdoms more often. They eventually began to abduct their own people. The increased warfare between chiefdoms exacerbated the already widespread anxiety, fear, distrust and depopulation.

In part two: The coming of a savior.

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3 Stages of War

This post is taken from a pamphlet I published in 1996 called The Revolutionary Times Information Pamphlet.

I’ve always been fascinated at how a scraggly band of half-starved, idealists could wage war against an established, powerful government and win. Apparently, it’s not by luck; there’s a science to it. The following is an outline of the three stages of revolutionary guerrilla warfare as put forth by the late Chinese communist leader Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong).

Stage One: Organization. Stage one is the subversive stage. Here the revolutionary party quietly and systematically builds its strength, organizes the people, and creates an armed defense force. The party sets up a base of operations in difficult and isolated terrain. These areas offer the best security, and the best defense against government security forces. These bases are used to organize, train and conduct operations.

At this embryonic stage, the party is at its weakest. Therefore, security is of primary importance. A cadre is formed out of motivated and highly capable volunteers. They are trained and sent out, individually or in groups, to educate the people living in the surrounding areas, and to obtain their support. An effective cadre increases the strength and security of the party as more people flock to it, and a ring of supporters is formed around each base area. These supporters will supply the revolutionaries with food, shelter, recruits, equipment, labor and information about the enemy.

Patience, diligence, security and discipline are very important at this, the most vulnerable stage. The objective is to strengthen the party. This is done by using political education to get as many people as possible to commit themselves to the struggle, consolidate the party by organizing the people and the party itself, and arming the people in the event that the government tries to crack down on its operations. These activities are a part of a process that is carried out secretly, methodically and progressively.

Stage Two: Insurrection/Expansion. Now the active guerrilla insurgency begins. Large sections of the population will, by now, be actively supporting the revolutionaries. Each town and village will have its own small, local band of guerrillas, and each region will have a platoon or company of “regular” guerrillas operating from remote bases.

Guerrillas will target select individuals (e.g. political figures, government supporters of note, the chief of police, tax collectors, etc.), for kidnappings and assassination. Enemy equipment will be sabotaged, roads and railroads mined, culverts blown and telephone lines cut. Vulnerable — isolated and undermanned — police and military outposts will be attacked, and small enemy patrols and convoys ambushed. Guerrillas will use these opportunities to obtain weapons, ammunition, medicine and other supplies.

The objective of this phase is to weaken the enemy by bleeding him dry. This is done by constantly attacking him where he is weakest. To do this, guerrillas must operate  over a large area, and everywhere be active. When the enemy focuses his attention in one area, another one blazes up. In this way, the enemy is kept off balance and will begin to spread his forces thin (making previously strong points weaker), in a futile attempt to catch the elusive guerrillas.

As the guerrilla force grows, so does the frequency and intensity of their attacks. Eventually, the enemy will divert hundreds, then thousands of combat troops from hunting guerrillas to the static role of defending installations and towns; consequently, eroding his offensive capabilities. The guerrillas continue to put the enemy under relentless and continually mounting pressure.

Stage Three: Decision or Defeat. As stated before, revolutionary war is progressive. The activities of Stage One never stopped. In fact, they increased during the next phase. The same is true of the second phase.

Finally, phase three is where the guerrillas find out if they carried out the first two stages correctly. Either the enemy or the revolution will be defeated. By now, guerrilla units have grown so much that they begin to organize themselves along the lines of a regular army, and begin to adopt more conventional military tactics — maneuver and encirclement — in an attempt to annihilate large enemy forces (battalions, regiments, divisions, etc.), in battle. However, guerrilla operations continue, and are closely coordinated with, and in support of regular army operations. The objective at this stage is to destroy the enemy. Politically, this should already have been done as the majority of the people should now be in full support of the revolutionaries, and the movement recognized as legitimate by other nations.  

This formula isn’t infallible, but it woked for Mao and the Chinese communists. In the future I will look at the American and other revolutions.

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5 Reasons to Reject Interracial Relationships

Since the ascendancy of the Caucasian, many stratagems have been used to keep African people under control. One of the most effective has been convincing black folks that racism is largely a thing of the past, whites today are different from whites 200 years ago, and that the problems that continue to plague the black community — and Blacks all around the world for that matter — are the result of some inherent flaw in African people (these things are implied rather than stated explicitly). Black men in particular (because the men of a dominated group are always the single greatest potential threat to the power of the dominant group), are singled out for scorn and ridicule.

Because men are the natural leaders in all normal societies, the white males who currently dominate the world must destroy the image of the black male, not only in his mind but in the mind of the black woman. The consequence of this mental assault — via schools, places of worship, the media, government policies, etc. — the black male behaves in unnatural ways: Self-defeating ways. Instead of protecting his woman, he attacks her; instead of bonding with his brother, he fights him; instead of being a protector and a builder in his community, he is a predator and destroyer of his community; instead of raising his children, he abandons them; instead of fighting for his people, he stands with the enemy. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all black men, but the behaviors described have reached epidemic proportions.

The damage these men cause is obvious. A less obvious consequence is that these fools help reinforce the negative stereotypes that the white man works so diligently to maintain. What white people think of us is irrelevant. What is relevant is how we view ourselves. When black people embrace negative stereotypes about themselves, they either act like the fools they have been told they are or they become so disdainful of the race that they try to disassociate themselves from it. Both types of Blacks, the low-class ghetto character and the black Anglo-Saxon, are both self-hating because they hate the race.

This self-loathing and belief that Blacks are the source of all their problems, leads many of them into the arms of white folks.  Here are five reasons to say “NO!” to interracial marriage.

1. It doesn’t benefit the race in any way.  Like all people, Blacks want the freedom to decide for themselves how they want to live, to promote and protect their interests, to solve their own problems in the way that they see fit, and to live life without constantly being attacked. If these objectives are to become a reality, everything we do must be toward those ends. The fight for freedom is everyone’s responsibility, not just a few. And any type of behavior we engage in, including whom we marry, must move us in the direction of empowerment. If it doesn’t, we stay stuck in a pit of powerlessness with all of its attendant consequences, effectively making us traitors to ourselves.

Overall, it is the white community that benefits most from marrying Blacks (and adopting black babies, electing a black president, etc.), because it creates the impression that whites are no longer racist and that Blacks have an equal stake in society. Blacks who are impressed by these whites cannot explain why power is still concentrated in the hands of a white male elite, why racial disparities persist in almost every area of life, and why we have yet to receive our reparations. But that’s the point. If black people are not able to grasp the nebulous nature of white supremacy, they will not fight against it.

2. It is harmful to the race. Group solidarity is vitally important to the successful accomplishment of any major undertaking. Think about the immortal pyramids, the creation of the arts and sciences, the irrigation canals of Kemet and Mesopotamia, the Battle of Adwa, or the creation of nations! These monumental undertakings were not the result of individualistic, self-serving Negroes doing whatever the hell they wanted to regardless of its impact on everyone else; nor could they have been.   Blacks married to whites will not fight AGAINST white oppression or FOR black empowerment. Each marriage represents one less worker for the race, one less soldier for the cause. I liken Blacks who marry whites to soldiers who forsake their country to fight on the side of the enemy. These close personal relationships with whites undermine group solidarity and make it impossible to engage in the type of sustained, coordinated effort necessary to empower the race.

3. The top priority for black people should be the strengthening of the black family. It takes a black man and a black woman to make a black family.  African people don’t control the media, the government, the military, the major corporations, the labor unions or influential public policy organizations. BUT, the family is the one institution over which we (should) have total control. It is the first institution we come in contact with and thus, the first institution that begins shaping us into what we will become later in life. If we can’t control THIS institution, nothing else we do or attempt to do will matter. For an oppressed or suppressed people, the family is a tool of liberation — potentially– if they recognize it as such. Here, children can be molded like clay on a potter’s wheel or like iron on an anvil. They can be empty cups to be filled by whatever the white world wants to fill them with, or they can become shining swords who will hack, slash and stab their way through the obstacles placed in front of their people. It takes parents committed to the cause of Black Power, black self-determination, to raise children who are also committed to the cause. Black solidarity is a fundamental prerequisite to Black Power; As such, solidarity must be practiced in the home to serve as a proper example to young people. This means black folks marrying each other, not whites.

The black family is disintergrating right in front of our eyes. Many black homes are without fathers, some without fathers or mothers. We all have the duty to combat this disintergration. The most obvious first step is to marry one another. Then these couples reinforce this effort by creating black family organizations that will support and encourage the creation of more and more whole and healthy black families. You don’t turn your back on your family because the roof starts to fall in. You help to shore it up! 

4. The destruction and disruption of the black family is a major goal of white supremacy. If the foundation of a structure is weak, anything built on top of it will eventually collapse. The family is the foundation of society. Weaken it and no cultural, economic or political movement can be built on top of it. The enemies of black sovereignty have always known this.  The destruction of the black family began with the holocaust popularly know as the transatlantic slave trade, but also know as the Maafa. I won’t address the horrors of those days here, because I plan to do so in detail in the future.

The emasculation of the black male, the sexual exploitation of the black female and the crushing socioeconomic burden on the black family continued during the years of segregation: Facilitated by COINTELPRO. Integration and the introduction of drugs into the black community were the final straws. The black family is crumbling at an alarming pace now. It’s going to take more than marching, new laws, commissions or testifyin’ at the church’s pig feet dinner to change the situation now. Nothing short of a cultural revolution can stem the tide of abuse, fatherlessness, drug addiction and the orphans it creates, crime, perversity and the growth of gangs. In a society deathly afraid of black unity, which uses all of its resources to subliminally induce black people to project their love outward away from themselves and onto whites, Blacks marrying one another is itself a revolutionary act.

5. Historically, the black woman has been used as a tool to help destroy the black man. In the African matriarchal tradition, where inheritance and lineage were traced through the woman, the royal family was considered divine and the king the son of God. The authentic royal ladies were the repositories of divine blood. Thus, it was only through them that legitimacy to the throne could be conferred. Only their offspring could legitimately become king. If the reigning sovereign married a woman from outside the royal family, his son from that union would not be heir to the throne; his nephew would be. As a member of the divine royal family, only the king’s sister(s) could maintain the purity of the lineage. This prerogative led to the practice among some ancient African people, such as the Kemites, of royal incest;  The king marrying his sister.

The exploitation of the African matrilineal system of inheritance led to Kemet going from black to brown to white, and eventually being conquered by foreigners. King Narmer (Menes), “the unifier”, unwittingly facilitated this long-term strategy of the white Asiatic invaders. After subduing the Asiatics of Lower Kemet, his policy of brotherhood and integration led to the spreading of Asiatic and Afro-Asiatic communities throughout the kingdom. White kings, though out of power still had access to it through marriage. Their sons were encouraged to marry the daughters of local nomarchs (governors/minor kings), thus over time maneuvering their way back into power via their progeny.

During the Holocaust, the black family and thousands of years of tradition were obliterated. Children were snatched from their parents, breaking that natural bond, and given to nannies who prepared them for a life of soul-crushing servitude. The black male had absolutely no authority on the plantation, not even over his own children. He was no longer protector or provider for his family. His children were the property of the plantation owner, and even his wife was routinely made to sexually service the overseer or the plantation owner and his sons, brothers and friends. The black man — excepting the ones who fought and died — was thoroughly emasculated, and the black woman resented him for it.

This treatment continued in modified form during the years of segregation. After centuries of being beaten down and stripped of knowledge of self, African people were “ripe” for integration. That is, separated from their own cultural traditions, they were ready to embrace white cultural traditions (including the tenets of racism), and all the degeneracy that comes with it. Now black people treat each other the way the white man has treated them for centuries.

Ending the pattern of self-negation starts in the home. The home is where the affirmation of blackness — of Africaness — begins.  The most visible sign of that affirmation is black men and women marrying one another.

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Black Power

We have to be clear in defining Black Power lest our enemies do it for us. White supremacists will label it racist, and Negroes will believe them. If the black community is confused about the concept of Black Power, it will never become a reality.

In a world where Blacks, people of African descent, have been systematically marginalized, Black Power is a legitimate concept of black self-determination. Self-determination is a hallmark of a truly free people. For people who are truly free, those with a sovereign mindset, self-determination is taken for granted. For them, it doesn’t need to be discussed anymore than the need to inhale and exhale needs to be discussed. They know intuitively that a people locked out of the halls of power and who use a foreign frame of reference to make decisions are not free.

Freedom for any population, especially a historically oppressed minority, means being able to consistently promote and protect its interests. However, power only concedes to power. If Blacks in America and around the world are socioeconomically and politically powerless how then can thy promote and protect their interests?

They can’t.

For too long, compromising and naively attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have shown themselves to be psychopathic where Blacks are concerned, has only led to worsening conditions for Blacks all around the world. Only a people capable of negotiating from a position of strength can influence and shape the society they live in so that it benefits them. The Black Power paradigm suggests that those of us of African descent must close ranks, reestablish a sense of community, organize and reject the racist, ‘classist’ and imperialist ideas of the dominant society.

Black Power simply means self-determination. It has to be discussed because the Eurocentric frame of reference inculcated into black people from birth blinds them to the larger picture: The universal exploitation of African people all around the world. It –self-determination– must also be discussed in racial terms for the simple fact that African people have historically and currentlly been oppressed, suppressed and exploited along racial lines. Class oppression across racial lines in no way invalidates or supplants the reality of race-based oppression. Just because whites are evil to their own kind (which they always have been), doesn’t mean racism is a thing of the past or that it isn’t just as prevalent amongst poor whites.

Self-determination simply means the freedom of a people to think for themselves and to act in ways they deem beneficial to themselves; and freedom from external compulsion be it by force or indoctrination.

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Too many groups

With all of the organizations in the black community suppossedly there to address its problems, its a wonder these problems haven’t been resolved by now. Most of these groups, big and small, are fake. They only exist for the benefit of their leaders. These charlatans build up a loyal following, make some money and gain some fame, yet the problems affecting our communities persist. These types of organizations need to be identified and squeezed out of existence.

Other organizations are ineffective because of their internal weaknesses. Although they mean well, weak leadership is at the heart of their problems. Leaders are responsible for setting the example, planning, directing, organizing and motivating the members of their organizations. These tasks are accomplished in a variety of ways which I will cover in future posts.

The collective effect of all these ineffective groups is the waste of revolutionary energy. When young people come of age, they begin to see the world for what it really is and they don’t like what they see. They want to change the world; be a part of something greater than themselves. They join a group that promises to be a change agent, and pour their heart and soul into helping the group achieve its stated objectives. They soon find themselves paying dues,attending lectures and haranguing anyone who’ll listen. But nothing changes. Their enthusiasm wanes, they become disillusioned with the group and eventually leave the struggle altogether.

How about we expose the fakers and roll the rest into a single entity capable of actually affecting change in the community?

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Why I started the Cushite Forum

Conscientious brothers and sisters are caught up in the daily grind: Working, paying bills, going to school and raising children.  Like everyone else, they watch the black community go to hell. Homes are so broken that millions of black children grow up with one parent or no parents. Many of our children are not completing high school, and of those who do, many still have trouble with basic skills like reading, writing and math. Our communities are also troubled by crime, drug addiction, prostitution and sell-out politicians who don’t promote our interests.

This is the place for us to put all of the issues on the table with a view towards actually solving the problems through action and activism. Make your voice heard.

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