Too many groups

With all of the organizations in the black community suppossedly there to address its problems, its a wonder these problems haven’t been resolved by now. Most of these groups, big and small, are fake. They only exist for the benefit of their leaders. These charlatans build up a loyal following, make some money and gain some fame, yet the problems affecting our communities persist. These types of organizations need to be identified and squeezed out of existence.

Other organizations are ineffective because of their internal weaknesses. Although they mean well, weak leadership is at the heart of their problems. Leaders are responsible for setting the example, planning, directing, organizing and motivating the members of their organizations. These tasks are accomplished in a variety of ways which I will cover in future posts.

The collective effect of all these ineffective groups is the waste of revolutionary energy. When young people come of age, they begin to see the world for what it really is and they don’t like what they see. They want to change the world; be a part of something greater than themselves. They join a group that promises to be a change agent, and pour their heart and soul into helping the group achieve its stated objectives. They soon find themselves paying dues,attending lectures and haranguing anyone who’ll listen. But nothing changes. Their enthusiasm wanes, they become disillusioned with the group and eventually leave the struggle altogether.

How about we expose the fakers and roll the rest into a single entity capable of actually affecting change in the community?

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